Ruck 2 Remember

Ruck 2 Remember 2022 at Branch 17

The Ruck 2 Remember is an endeavour put on by 4 to 6 Veterans to raise funds to help get Homeless Veterans off the streets. Over the past few years Leno Di Julio and his team would do a certain number of kms based on the number of Veterans and First Responders who had passed away the previous year. This year the team decided to do something different and they are marching the Bruce Trail from Tobermory to Queenston Heights a distance of 900 kms.

Legion branches along the route will host them overnight, feed them supper and breakfast. The Ruck started on Monday July 4th and they will be hosted at our Branch 17 on Saturday, August 6th on day 34. We plan to hold a BBQ fundraiser (5 pm) and support them by welcoming them to a full Clubhouse when they arrive.

Their goal is to help fund Operation: Leave the Streets behind, a charitable program run by the Royal Canadian Legion which helps veterans that are facing or experiencing homelessness and hope to raise $500,000 for homeless veterans.



: Ruck 2 Remember