Hall Rentals

Our upstairs hall is available for weddings, stag & does, birthdays, showers and other gatherings. (all events are subject to COVID-19 regulations at time of event)

The capacity of the hall is 230 persons. Tables and chairs are included in the rental and there is an elevator available for handicapped guests.

* Please Note that the Legion does not have our own parking lot *
We are located near public parking lots (free) and your guests will need to park in the city lots.

For hall rental information please email rentals@thoroldlegion.ca
call Donna at (905) 227-5862 or the branch (905) 227-1231


Wedding, Stag & Doe, Party, Meeting, or Other
less than 4 hours (Branch Members & Non-Members) ~ $100.00
4 hours or more (Branch Members) ~ $100.00, (Non-Member) ~ $150.00

Funeral or Celebration of Life
(Branch Member) ~ no charge
(Non-Member) ~ $75.00

Use of Kitchen ~ $50.00

We do not offer food. You are welcome to bring in your own food or catering service at your expense. The kitchen is available for prep and storage but be advised our stove is not available at this time and the fridges have limited space.

50% deposit is required at time of booking, plus a refundable damage deposit of $100.00

Bartender and Canteen Fees

All alcohol and refreshments are supplied by the Branch payable at current club prices for birthdays, meetings, funerals, and other gatherings or receptions.

For Stag & Does, Fundraisers, etc. alcohol is priced at a reduced rate.
Beer/Liquor/Wine price: $4.25 (premiums/coolers/etc. are extra cost)
We allow you to bring your own wine if you wish and there will be a corkage charge of $10+HST per 750 mL bottle.

You are free to sell drink tickets at any cost you wish. The bartender will collect a ticket for each drink served and you will be given a total to be payable at the end of the event. The difference is your profit.

You may also sell tickets for non-alcoholic drinks and bottled water, or your guests can purchase directly from the bar. Cups, ice, and tap water are provided at no cost.

A fee per bartender is charged for bartending services payable directly to the server(s) at the time of the function. (Stag & Doe and Weddings require 2 bartenders)
less than 4 hours = $100.00 each
4 hours or more = $125.00 each


  • NOTES:
  • Since the Legion is serving, you are covered under our Liquor Licence and Insurance. You are welcome to purchase extra liability insurance from your provider at your cost if you wish.
  • Shooters, or “Jello” shots are not allowed to be brought in and sold by the lessee as per the AGCO regulations.
  • Loonie/Twoonie toss games may be held using an empty alcohol bottle (filled with water) and any liquor/beer prizes won can not be claimed until the winner is departing for the night.
  • Some games we do not allow are: Stump, Chicken Poop Bingo, or other games that may disturb guests in the Club downstairs. Please contact us if you have a question.