Presentation of Media Awards

Branch 17 was honoured to present Legion Media Awards to Bob Liddycoat and Cathy Pelletier-Liddycoat. Thank you so much Cathy and Bob for all your past and continued support of the Legion.

The Royal Canadian Legion media award has been established by Dominion command of the Royal Canadian Legion to recognize individuals or organizations from the media who show their support by publicizing the activities and work in the community of Legion Branches, Zones, District and Provincial Commands.

The members and officers of the Royal Canadian Legion commend the outstanding generosity support and assistance that Bob Liddycoat and Cathy Pelletier have provided to Thorold Ontario Branch 17.

L to R: President Eric Cuthbert, Bob Liddycoat, Cathy Pelletier, 1st Vice Glenn Kempson